NaNoWriMo Recap 2014

Hello Readers! This is the last post about National Novel Writing Month for the year, I swear!  Tim Kim, Editorial Drector for NaNoWriMo posed these three questions to this years participants :

  1. What are you most proud of achieving this month?
  2. What did you learn about yourself as a writer?
  3. What excites you about this draft of your NaNo-novel?

So here I go.

  1. This month I’m most proud of getting work on this blog done at the same time as I was writing my novel. It seemed like a very plausible task at the end of October but as time went on it became well… difficult. My friend Tricia still maintains that I’m crazy for having attempted both at the same time.
  2. I learned that as a writer I need to read more. As I was writing I became very aware that my writing has changed from what it was in high school – and not in a good way. And I thought about it and realized that since that time I haven’t read very much. When I was in high school I had assignment which forced me to read a variety of books many of which I really hated. And by the time I had gotten to college I had eliminated variety from my reading list and I kept opting for books which were easy reads. Now that November is done I think I’m going to start challenging myself to read more varieties of books and return to reading classic literature.
  3. I’m really excited about the addition of multiple character perspectives to my novel. This year I wrote the sequel to the novel I had written last year. I always knew that it would be a trilogy. But I found that the sequel had a very different feeling than the first novel. I’m going to have to go back and rewrite my first novel. It’s going to be painful and time consuming but I feel like I have a better grasp now of who my characters really are and where I want to bring them through this story.

Thank you Readers for being patient with me through the month of November. For the upcoming months I’m going to try to post more food reviews and hopefully some recipes as well as other content.

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