2014 Christmas Holiday DIYs

Christmas is only three days away! It’s hard to imagine but the holidays will be over soon. And so I’ve compiled a list of a couple of fun last minute DIYs for you.

Cinnamon-Roll Pie Crust

It’s easy to get creative with pie fillings, but I never would have thought to get creative with the pie crust. This cinnamon-roll pie crust from PureWow would really impress at the Christmas table. Go ahead and check it out at http://www.purewow.com/recipes/Cinnamon-Roll-Pie-Crust?pp=1

Easy Gingerbread House from graham crackers

Why buy one of those boring pre-made gingerbread houses from the store when you can design your own out of some graham crackers and a few simple ingredients? WikiHow has a great how-to on making your own gingerbread home. This way you can customize your house however you’d like to. Check it out at


DIY Snow Globes with Christmas Lights

These snow globe terrariums are so beautiful! I think they would add an elegant touch to any room for the holiday season. Pink Pistachio has step by step instructions to create one of these for yourself. Check it out for yourself here:

Let It Snow!

For more holiday ideas go ahead and follow my Holiday board on Pinterest!

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