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Drink of the Month: Starbucks Earl Grey Tea Latte

So I’d like to take some time today to feature the Starbucks Earl Grey Tea Latte as our drink of the month. You won’t find this drink on the menu board at most Starbucks stores but the Starbucks site does include it on its online menu. Simply an Earl Grey Tea Latte is an earl grey tea served with a pump of vanilla syrup and steamed milk. If you like milk in your tea and the robust flavor of earl grey then you will really love the Earl Grey Tea Latte.

However, this drink also goes by another name – the London Fog. And honestly, I find it much cheaper to order a tall earl grey tea with a pump of vanilla syrup and then add the milk on my own. It cost almost half as much and even better, this way you can get free refills. I do have to warn you though that using this method there is a risk of curdling the milk if your drink is too hot when you add it. But most of the time I have no problem and my drink tastes just the same as if I had just ordered an Earl Grey Tea Latte. Personally, I also ask my barista for both a pump of vanilla and an additional pump of caramel because I sometimes find the earl grey slightly bitter and not sweet enough for my tastes.

An additional note, I’ve heard recently that some Starbucks stores have stopped stocking all of their varieties of Tazo teas. The rumor is that this in preparation for a new stock of Teavana teas that may be coming soon.

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