The Theory of Everything Review

The Theory of Everything is a romantic biography of the life of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking, his struggle with motor-neuron disease and his relationship with his wife Jane Wilde Hawking.The movie is based on a memoir written by Jane Wilde Hawking titled Traveling to Infinity: My Life with Stephen.  As I watched the film I was surprised about how much I didn’t know about Stephen Hawking. I didn’t even know the man was British before watching the film. But overall I would give the movie a 3.5 out of 5.

The cinematography is beautiful and I really loved the use of light throughout. It gives the movie a very dream-like cast which makes coping with the horror of Stephen’s sickness a little easier to bear. Overall, it was very well acted and certainly deserving of a Golden Globe for Best Actor. You come to find Stephen Hawking as a brilliant, funny, and overall likable person. Your heart breaks for both him and his wife through the movie as they struggle with his disease. The musical score assists but isn’t overly prominent when viewing.

However, there are moments when the film gets very slow. And after awhile it gets harder to watch and easier to fall asleep. I definitely wouldn’t recommend watching the movie late at night or when you’re tired. But otherwise it beautifully depicts one man’s struggle to overcome his illness and the faithful love and support of his wife.

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