Red Velvet Oreo Review

Nabisco has released a lot of strange flavors of Oreos over the years- birthday cake, lemon, watermelon. There’s something new every season. And somehow they manage to make me ready and willing to run out to the store to buy the newest flavor every time – despite the fact that barely ever purchase the original flavored Oreos. And now I’m especially excited for their Red Velvet Oreo. Red Velvet has a special place in my heart. Yes, I know it’s just chocolate flavored but red. But there’s just something about it that reminds me of indulgence. The red velvet Oreo comes with a cream cheese feeling to make it feel even more like the cake it’s named after.


When you open the bag you’re greeted by the interesting chocolaty sweet smell signature to Oreo cookies. The deep red color of the cookies certainly matches the Red Velvet description. Even the creme filling is slightly off white to be more reminiscent of cream cheese. At first when I took a bite of the cookie I thought that it tasted very much like original flavored Oreos, but the creme filling makes all the difference. Though just as sweet as the original flavor, I feel the cream cheese gives the creme a little more depth. The whole Red Velvet Oreo feels like the more luxe and sophisticated cousin to the original.

Overall, I rate the Red Velvet Oreo really well. It’s a pretty tasty cookie and it didn’t disappoint my expectations. I might run out and buy a few more bags before they run out for the season since it’s a limited edition release.

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