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Starbucks Tiramisu Latte Review

Recently Starbucks premiered their newest drink- the Tiramisu Latte which comes in a hot, cold and frappuccino version. At first I was intrigued and then puzzled. Tiramisu is an Italian coffee-flavored cake often made by dipping ladyfingers in coffee and covering them in a whipped mixture of mascarpone cheese, eggs, sugar, and cocoa powder. So I had to wonder, what would a latte flavored like a coffee-flavored cake taste like? Would it just taste like coffee? Or maybe just sugar?


It’s hard to say what the Tiramisu latte tastes like. At first sip it tastes a lot like a regular vanilla latte, nothing too exciting. But it does actually taste different. Though the syrup is called Tiramisu, in actuality the syrup the Starbucks uses is actually mascarpone flavored. The taste of the coffee comes from the espresso shots naturally so it makes sense that they wouldn’t have to add any additional coffee flavoring to the syrup. I find that the Tiramisu latte has a creamy almost nutty taste. It’s extremely subtle and if I weren’t looking for it I would entirely miss it. It’s a nice drink. If you aren’t into crazy flavors in your morning coffee this may be the drink for you. As for me I think I would rather skip it in favor of another (maybe sweeter) drink.

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