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Caffe Bene Review

Caffe Bene just opened a new location in Irvine and I decided to check it out. This South Korean coffee shop has many different coffee and dessert offerings as well as a variety of sandwiches. I visited on opening day and again several days later.

Most notably, the decor for the cafe is really nice. There are plenty of seats to accommodate a large group hanging out or just one or two people on a coffee date. The ambiance is pleasant and not to loud because the space is so large. The presentation of the food is very pretty as well.

However, I can’t really recommend this cafe. The prices are high for what they serve and, as much as I want it to be good, the quality falls flat. A coffee latte costs more here than it does at Starbucks or even most independent coffee shops and the beans have a bitter metallic taste to them. The Bingsu was good but doesn’t seem worth it in price compared to the Mochilato in the same plaza. Additionally, the baristas haven’t been well trained.

Keep in mind that this cafe just opened under a week ago and that they should work out the problems over time. I may continue to visit periodically and see if this popular chain can bring up its quality.

Until next time, happy drinking!

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