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Starbucks Sparkling Passion Tango Tea

Yay my first official post of the year!

In all transparency, I recently got a full time job. It’s been a struggle transitioning from unemployment to working forty hours a week. And so I’ve been neglecting to blog. I’ve been neglecting to write, to sing, to cook, to exercise. It’s amazing how fast time flashes by if you don’t watch it carefully.

And so, it might take some time for me to get back in the rhythm of posting and doing so at a quality I’m happy with. Sorry it sounds like excuses. But I’m at a point in my life where I’m finding myself having to constantly evaluate what I want, where I’m going. The world is this big open space with so much opportunity and yet I’m so small and tired.

Anyways, most of you probably came for the tea.

I normally won’t get Teavana tea from Starbucks in the winter. I prefer most drinks iced and it’s often too cold out for me to bear it. But Starbucks has been making a big push recently to let its customers know about their assorted tea offerings and how to customize them.

The Passion Tango tea is described on the Starbucks website as a ” blend of hibiscus, lemongrass, rose hips and apple flavors”.  The color of the tea is pretty rose color that promises something sweet and refreshing. To me the most prominent flavor in the tea is the rose, followed by the hibiscus. The lemongrass makes the tea sour, maybe more sour than I would like. So I recommend holding off on adding lemonade unless you love that sour taste. And the apple is there too as a bare hint at the end of the tea.

Overall the drink is very floral and a little sour. If you like that profile or want something that isn’t sweet at all from Starbucks then this drink may be for you.

With the introduction of the soda machines to Starbucks you now have the option to add fizz to the tea drinks that they offer. Lemonade can also be added to any tea for an additional $0.50.

Personally, I’ll probably hold off getting this drink again until it’s really hot outside. Also I wasn’t a big fan of carbonation in this drink. I feel like it emphasized the sourness of the lemongrass too much for my taste. But go ahead and try it for yourself!

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