I’ve spent a lot of time watching you walk away. Many different times, in many different places. I can close my eyes and hear the heavy thread of your shoes upon the ground. Thud, thud – thud, thud, thud. Just like my heart beat. You never look back. You never pause. But oh, how my heart aches for you to pause – just for a moment, like you’re considering turning around. If only you would miss me the way I miss you already. Thud, thud, thud. And you’re gone. Now it’s my turn to walk away. My hands feel empty and I clutch at my car keys anxiously. I want to wave goodbye but I know you won’t turn around to see it.

And the sun has set. Hands in pockets, feeling cold without you, I look out. And tired I close my eyes. I wish I could hear it – thud, thud, thud. But it’s just my heart again, calling out into the darkness knowing you can’t hear me.

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