Weekly Wanderings 17

Hello lovelies,

Summer is officially here! And it’s starting to get warm.

I saw this video on how to make fresh granitas and they look amazing! I like that they incorporate a lot of different vegetables to make the coloring natural. And it’s great that the end product is pretty healthy!

I bought some ripe mangoes from the supermarket and I fully intend to make mango lassi with it. Mango lassi is a cooling, sweet drink from India. I found an excellent recipe from Veg Recipes of India here .

I know I’m super late, but I’ve just bought a blender bottle and I hope to use for smoothies on the go in the morning.  Cooking Light has some pretty good tips here .

So anyway, I started playing a new PC video game called Stonehearth. It’s a resource management/ sandbox/ simulation game – kind of like if Minecraft and Sims had a baby. I’m kind of a sucker for this kind of game and I can spend hours at a time playing. And before I know it half the night is gone. This particular game is still in Alpha development, but even so I think it’s still very playable and I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops in the future. If you’re interested you can find it here or they also have it on Steam.

And then there’s this amazing music video by Kurt Hugo Schneider with Will Champlin singing Imagine Dragons “Believer”

I hope you have a great week!


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