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Project for Awesome 2014

Project for Awesome is a charity event started by YouTube stars, the Vlogbrothers, John and Hank Green in 2009. The two brothers opened a charity called the Foundation to Decrease World Suck. And every December they encourage people to create videos advocating for different charities and raise funds to donate to those charitable organizations. The brothers, with the help of many guest hosts, air a 24 hour livestream via Google Hangouts where they view many of those videos together with their audience. Funds are primarily raised through the Indiegogo site but also through the sale of products on and through If you choose to donate through the Indiegogo site there are perks for helping to raise money towards their goal (this year the goal is $500,000).  The perks range anywhere from an eBook by author Josh Sundquist for a $5 donation to a Super Signed Vidcon poster which has the signatures of over thirty YouTubers for a $500 donation. Other notable perks include a signed exclusive P4A addition of John Green’s book The Fault in Our Stars which was recently made into a movie, and signed childhood photos of famous Youtubers.

This year the Vlogbothers changed the format of Project for Awesome slightly. Normally users would vote for what charitable organizations they thought should receive the funding and the money would be divided up based on those votes. However, this year all the funds raised between 12am ET on December 12 and 11:59am ET on December 13th will go to two charities – Save the Children and Partners in Health. From 12pm ET on December 13th through 11:59pm ET December 16th votes will determine which charitable organizations will receive funding.

If you want to know more about Project for Awesome, you can check them out at . To donate to their Indiegogo campaign go to .  To view the livestream go onto and check out the Vlogbrother’s channel.

Hope you enjoying this time of giving and join the fight to decrease world suck!

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