Crispy M&Ms are Back!

I have really great memories of crispy M&Ms as a kid. I liked them so much more than the regular M&Ms. They were lighter and just better tasting — magic to my child tastebuds. Crispy M&Ms were sold from 1998 to 2005. After they were retired I looked everywhere for the signature blue packaging until I learned that they had been discontinued in the US. I went so far as to buying ten whole bags of crispy M&Ms when I found out they sold them in Singapore. When the Mars Corporation introduced the pretzel M&M recently, I felt utterly cheated. This was not the crispy M&M that I knew and loved, it was too heavy and too salty and it did not taste like my childhood.

To my great joy, I recently found out that the Mars chocolate company has brought the crispy M&M back! Instead of the blue packaging the candy now comes in a lime green pouch. I still haven’t seen them stocked in many of the grocery markets around my area. It might be because they haven’t been stocked or because people have decided to hoard the delicious candy but hopefully the problem will be solved in the coming months. mm

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