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Starbucks Gingerbread Tea Latte

Starbucks’ newest holiday drink this year is the Teavana Gingerbread Tea Latte. I’m not going to lie, I had a mini panic attack this year when I didn’t see my favorite gingerbread latte on any of the Starbucks holiday drink advertising. And I was relieved and excited to see that gingerbread is back on the menu. I was also very curious about this new offering. I’m a pretty big fan of Teavana tea ( I really, really hated Tazo though), so I thought I could happily give this new drink a try.

The drink starts with Teavana’s Royal English Breakfast Tea. Then gingerbread syrup is added as the tea continues to steep. The drink is then topped with steamed milk and a sprinkling of cinnamon.  The initial scent of the Gingerbread Tea Latte is spicy and reminiscent of the holidays. Unlike the cafe latte version of this drink, it doesn’t have a very strong taste. The tea is mild and the spice of the gingerbread isn’t overwhelmed by it. Because of this the drink is also not very sweet. I would recommend this drink as a mild breakfast wake-up drink or an afternoon tea complement.

I happened to eat a dark chocolate Ghirardelli square when I drank this coffee and I have to say the pairing is absolutely marvelous. The chocolate adds the missing sweetness and bitterness that complements the mild holiday spice of the drink. Without chocolate on hand I might recommend a pump of chocolate mocha to do the same thing in your drink. Overall a great drink that I’ll probably order when I’m looking for a good coffee alternative in the morning.

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