My Whole 30 Journey: Week 1 Recap

I’m 8 days down and I’ve got 22 more to go. So far Whole 30 has been rewarding in a way I hadn’t expected. I’ve been cooking almost every day and I’ve found it to be really challenging. I can’t use my usual techniques of marinating in soy sauce or cooking with wine for instant flavor. And I’m outside the comfort zone of my usual dishes for the most part. But it’s been really fun menu planning and coming up with new recipes.

Saturday was my prep day this week. I bought about 4 pounds of oxtail and a slice of beef knuckle and made oxtail soup. It took about 5 hours but it was pretty worth it. The soup was blander than I expected, but I plan to alter my recipe the next time I make it. To enhance the flavor I added coconut aminos to taste. The meat was amazingly tender and fell off the bone after such a long time cooking, And I was really pleased with the results.

On Sunday I had a day out with my friends. We had In-N-Out burgers protein style without cheese or pickles. It wasn’t bad actually and provided a nice change of pace from eating at home all the time. And for dinner one of my friends generously grilled pork belly and beef brisket for us and we ate them wrapped in lettuce. I definitely ate more than I should have!

So far I’m still feeling dehydrated a lot, but I’m drinking coconut water in an attempt to re-hydrate more. It does help that I really like the taste of coconut water! And my skin is finally starting to clear up a little more, which is definitely a relief for me. As for my goals, it seems so far that I’m still on track. My clothes are fitting better and my new corset laces all the way closed now, 24 inches.

The sugar cravings have been pretty strong. And day be day it gets more tempting to cheat. I’m sure I’ll hold up until the end of my 30 days, hopefully.


Thanks for reading!

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