My Whole 30 Journey: Day 16 When will it end?

I can’t believe it’s been three years today since I started blogging on WordPress. I had a Xanga before, but WordPress was my first experience with running my own brand. And it’s been a wonderful experience! Blogging has really challenged me to share more, to create more, and to explore more.

But anyways, I’ve passed the two week mark for Whole 30! Unfortunately, I’m still not experiencing some of the miracle benefits of the diet. I’m still dehydrated constantly. Though I think my skin is finally clearing up again. I think after Whole 30 is over I’ll resume eating everything I was already eating but try cooking more at home. Also, I’ll try to cut back on the sugar, but no promises on that front.

I’ve been having dreams about eating noodles and rice. I also miss the convenience of being able to grab food wherever I want and not have to question every ingredient. And I’m eagerly awaiting having food that isn’t all the same texture.

Thanks for reading!

One thought on “My Whole 30 Journey: Day 16 When will it end?

  1. Congratulations on your 3 year blog anniversary. I too am coming up on 3 years soon. So I started the whole food 30 day challenge. Missed the challenge start date of September 5th but have been doing it 2 days now. ( you think I could have looked at the calendar??? ) So far so good but I wasn’t encouraged by this post today (ha ha) but I’m going to hang in there anyway! Sending big hugs your way to get through this and reap the rewards of this diet. You are much more courageous than I am because I’m reluctant to tell as many people publicly what I am doing for fear if I don’t succeed. ♡♡


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