My Whole 30 Journey: Day 26 Almost there!

I’m almost there! I have four full days left of Whole 30. And I’m really really looking forward to the end, and more importantly returning to REAL food. They say after the first two weeks you stop craving sugar, that never happened for me. Granted, I probably won’t eat as much sweet food as I did before Whole 30. But I would love to stop dreaming about eating candy in my sleep.

I probably won’t continue Whole 30 after my 30 days are done. I really love my results so far. My current measurements are 33.5 – 27 – 37 and I’ve gone down to 130 lbs, a loss of about 7 pounds. And I have solved my dehydration problem, it turns out I was probably lacking salt in my diet since I cook low-sodium. But I really miss the convenience of being able to eat whatever I want. I’m looking forward to not having to ask about all of the ingredients in my food when I eat out or being able to grab bread on the way home if I’m hungry. I am, however, going to continue moderating my diet and increasing my exercise. I haven’t been going to the gym during Whole 30 because all my time is eaten up by cooking and also I’m lazy lol.

On a non-Whole 30 note, I recently ordered and started reading Every Grain of Rice by Fuschia Dunlop (you can find the book on Amazon here ). I first heard about it on the America’s Test Kitchen podcast when they interviewed Fuschia Dunlop. I was a bit skeptical at first. I’m ethnically Chinese (mostly) but I’m pretty lost when it comes to Chinese culture and as a result Chinese cooking. And I was pretty doubtful that a British lady could teach me how to cook Chinese food. But I liked her explanations of cooking technique from the interview so much I decided to give her book a try (the glowing Amazon ratings also helped).

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2 thoughts on “My Whole 30 Journey: Day 26 Almost there!

  1. Congratulating on hanging in there for 26 days! My experiences so far are different but I am anxious to see how things go in the next weeks. I am only in 1 week so along way to go. I am greatful for your encouragement as this was where I first heard about the challenge.

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