Weekly Wanderings 2

It’s been a pretty relaxing week. I have, however, received confirmation that fried chicken is not my friend. My work place seems determined to fatten me up. I started my day with petite bacon and cheese croissants with fruit kabobs and ended the day twelve garlic Parmesan chicken wings, a citrus limeade, a churro, and finally a coke later – all compliments of my work. And I do not feel well.

One of my favorite games, Stardew Valley, had its long awaited update on Monday.


I have to confess I never imagined that this simple farming game would be such a time sink for me. But with it’s 15 minute/game day, it’s extremely addictive. You can farm, fish, mine, fight monsters, and build relationships with the villagers. Stardew Valley is available on Steam and it’s really a wonder, especially considering the entire game was programmed by one person.

Recently I received a coupon for a food delivery service called Freshly and I thought I would give it a try. The idea of not having to cook for a couple of days seemed pretty appealing and the recipes online looked good. I ended up ordering 9 meals – 3 french onion steak, 3 grilled flat iron steak, 2 homestyle meatloaf, and 1 holiday turkey. At first I tried the french onion steak and it seemed ok. But I soon realized the flaws in the program. First of all, nine meals was a bit of overkill even after I realized that one meal was not filling and I would need to eat two. The expiration date on the packaging says that it should go bad within five days of me receiving the food. Then I looked at the nutrition values on the packaging, I was appalled.  One meal accounted for between 45 to 55 percent of my daily sodium intake. To be full for one meal I would exceed my daily limit. Lastly, I noticed that after microwaving the food there would be a strong smell. And then I realized that it not only smelled but also tasted like airplane food, albeit probably business class airplane food but airplane food nonetheless. Overall, I would not recommend this service.

On a better note, Autumn is here! I’m super excited for cooler weather and have already started layering up in preparation. I’ve started wearing an adorable cat-eared beanie that you can find here .

And to end off this post, check out this adorable video from Disney of “real-life Doug”. It put a smile on my face.

Thank you for reading!

Have a good weekend!

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