Weekly Wanderings 19

Hello lovelies!

It’s definitely the middle of summer. And though I’m working now and I don’t get a summer break, there’s definitely a “vacation” feel around the season. I really just want to get out and have an adventure somewhere…

I’m still on my “health” kick. I recently found out that Costco sells acai in individual frozen packs and I’ve been making acai smoothies and bowls on my own at home in addition to my smoothie regimen. I used to think that Acai bowls just sounded way too healthy to be tasty. But I definitely totally hooked on them now. This article on how to make acai bowls by Hurry the Food Up has been really useful as I’m trying to puzzle out the best combinations for an ideal bowl.

I stumbled upon this sweet potato waffle breakfast sandwich recipe and it just sounds absolutely amazing. And the best thing is that it’s technically whole thirty friendly. I mean it’s almost cheating but not quite.

Budget Bytes came up with this delicious recipe for White Pizza with Parsley and Pesto Drizzle. I don’t personally like marinara sauces so I’m always really excited when I find white sauce pizza recipes. And Budget Bytes is always really great about breaking down the cost of their recipes so that you can really budget their recipes before going to the store.

My friend joined a band and I have to say I really love their music. They released a demo album and I really encourage you to check it out. The links to their social media are below as well! They play all kinds of styles and sometimes do gigs in the Orange county/ LA county area.


Thanks for reading!

Have a great week!

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