Weekly Wanderings 20: Confession Time

Hello lovelies,

It’s confession time. I’ve been talking a lot recently about the “health kick” I’ve been on. And you may have noticed a lack of posts other than my weekly wanderings and no new Starbucks posts for quite awhile. I know I’m not known for my consistency when it comes to posting. But I feel like writing has become a chore recently. This blog started as project for me to concentrate on after I graduated. But it’s been several years since I started blogging here and things have changed. I graduated with a marketing degree but I don’t work in a marketing field. I spend less time outside doing exciting things. And at this point I’ve eaten so many Oreos that I sort of hate them now.

This blog began with idea of being a niche blog that mostly did reviews on new seasonal flavors from big brands like Oreo and Starbucks. This blog has never been limited to those things, but that was the foundation it was laid upon. Then around two years ago I took a hiatus from the blog to rekindle my love for writing and to step back and look at the direction of Blue Jangmi as a brand. I came back with pretty consistent posts that year and started to actually share about my life a little more. Then about a year ago I did a Whole 30 challenge. I think that was a really meaningful time for me and it was definitely a turning point in how I see this blog.  Blue Jangmi has always been a brand to me. It was a professional project and in many ways a portfolio. And I had really high hopes for what I might achieve from it. But I realize now that this project has become personal for me. It’s in some ways a diary to see how I’ve grown and what I used to like and dislike. And it’s also become a way for me to share with my friends and family the things that have been going on in my life.

But I’ve always struggled with one thing – whether I should share about my faith here. As I’ve continued to blog I’ve met other bloggers, many who freely share about their faith in their blogs.  And I’ve wondered why my blog felt so stale, clinical even. I’ve always refrained from sharing deeply about anything in my life because this blog is on my resume. I saw blogging as a job and thought that I should keep it as impersonal as possible. And I think that has always kept me from really loving this blog and putting effort into it.

And so I’ve decided that I’m finally going to take Blue Jangmi Blog off of my resume. I’m going to close the door on that part of my life so that I can move on and so, in some sense, I can have a little more freedom to be myself.

Just to be clear, I’m NOT shutting this blog down. I’m not even going on hiatus. This isn’t going to magically turn into a Christian blog overnight. Blue Jangmi is going to continue to focus on food blogging but it might just get a whole lot more personal. I have shared bits and pieces of my life here (with much reservation) such as my Dear Me post and my Whole 30 Journey. And there may be more posts along those lines.

Unfortunately, my Starbucks posts are most probably going to fall to the wayside. Mostly because I’ve slowly been cutting sugary drinks out of my life. I may still do a post or two but not with any frequency. Hopefully instead, I will start to produce more original content. I’ve been wanting to do a series on featured ingredients that would focus on a single ingredient and provide a recipe written by me along with links to other helpful recipes from other bloggers. I’ve been challenging myself to cook with and eat a wider variety of fresh herbs and spices. And I hope I can share what I’ve learned here on this blog.

This is my 100th post on this blog. It’s amazing to see how far I’ve come.

Thank you guys so much for reading and continuing to follow me on this journey.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Wanderings 20: Confession Time

  1. Thank you for posting this. I have been most neglectful of my blog for the last several months and seriously considering giving it up completely. I too have not shared much of my faith which is sad to say as it is a huge part of my life. You have inspired me to reconsider resuming my blog in perhaps a more honest and thoughtful way. I also want to let you know that last year when you posted your Whole30 Journey it made a huge difference in my life. I then took the Whole30 Journey and it has completely changed the way I eat even now. I have embraced a Paleo lifestyle and have done several challenges. I love this new healthier me and although I have periods where I don’t stick completely to my eating plan I still have considered myself a Paleoish kind of gal. The health benefits and the weight loss have been phenomenal. Honestly it all began with your post. Thank you so much. Once again you have inspired me.

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