Weekly Wanderings 21

Hello lovelies!

It’s August already and I can hardly believe it. You blink and seven months are just gone. And yet, the last seven months have just been filled with so much. There have been so many challenges but then so much growth.

I had some amazing edamame hummus at work last month and I’ve been craving it ever since. I found this recipe for Edamame Hummus on the Food Network recipe and it’s really simple and delicious! I think the only thing I would change about it is that I would be more careful about how much cumin I add.

I stuffed pita bread with the edamame hummus and spring mix but I had a lot leftover so I went looking for other ways to use up the hummus. And I found this recipe for Hummus Crusted Chicken from Gimme Some Oven. I would have never thought to coat chicken in hummus before baking. It seems like an amazing and easy recipe for a weekday night.

I wanted to give a shout out to Mommermom who has been a source of encouragement to me. It’s amazing to know that anyone reads my posts, much more that anything I could write would affect someone’s life. Her comments are always so sweet and they really cheer me up. And I hope you’ll go check her blog out and encourage her to keep blogging and being amazing!


Thank you for reading!

Have a great week!


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