Stitch Fix Review

I’ve heard about Stitch Fix before but never gave much thought to trying the service out. Stitch fix is a curating service for clothes. They assign a stylist to you who chooses around 5 pieces based on your style profile and sends them directly to you. You try on the pieces and keep the ones you want and return the rest. There’s a $20 styling fee which is counted towards your purchase of any piece.


I’m the kind of person that likes to see my clothing in person before I purchase it. So I was a little skeptical to begin with but hopeful that they would send me pieces that I absolutely love.

I was sent five pieces in total – two tops, one pair of shorts, a necklace and a dress. The first top was an off the shoulder top in a very pretty print. It was very loose and flowy and seemed perfect for summer. But I passed on it because it didn’t seem worth it for the price, it would have cost me around $50 for this top and even with the $20 styling fee waiver, it would have cost $30.

I really did not like the pair of white shorts I received. They had a really ragged look to them and I don’t like white shorts to begin with. So I passed on that as well.

The necklace seemed nice enough, it was on the long side and the pendant made it a nice statement necklace. However, when I opened the box there were a couple of hairs stuck in the clasp of the necklace. It makes sense that someone else might have tried it on before and returned it. But the whole thing kind of grossed me out.

The red top I received seemed nice enough. The color was pretty and bright. But it felt like something I could find at Old Navy for like $10 not $50. So I passed on that as well.

The dress fit really well and I liked the print. But the fabric was just a little too thick. It was woven wool and way too hot for this season. And it was just not what I was looking for in a dress. Especially not a $75 dress.

They give you a prepaid shipping bag and three business days to return your unwanted items. And going to the post office to return them was kind of a pain.

So in the end I wasn’t really happy with what I received. I’ve heard that the stylists get a better idea of your tastes as you continue to use the service.  But from my experience this time, I’m not likely to try it again.


*I am in no way sponsored by or affiliated to Stitch Fix. I received no compensation or incentives to review this service. And there are no affiliate links in this post. This post contain my opinion of the service and product I have purchased.

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