Weekly Wanderings 27

Hello lovelies!

It’s the last weekend before National Novel Writing Month and it’s really time to get prepared. I’m doing yet another rewrite of a novel I’ve been working on for quite some time but I hope to get something workable out of it in the end. The whole process of writing and revising and writing again can be so frustrating but rewarding at the same time. A lot of the times I just want to give up and I hate my work and I can’t seem to write anything but I plow on anyway.

Hank Green from Vlogbrothers posted a really interesting video recently on how he stays productive.  I struggle with perfectionism a lot and his method really made sense to me.

I think I might have found my new go-to weeknight dinner with this One Skillet Pork Chop recipe from Laughing Spatula. It’s easy and super delicious! Plus clean up is really fast.

Another video this week, I never thought I would relate so much to WongFu’s video “How I Became an Adult”. I’m not thirty and my life hasn’t become that messy, but the whole process of taking charge of my life is something I’m going through now. Give it a watch.


Thank you so much for reading!

Have a great week!


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