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Crystal Ball Frappuccino

I thought I would swear off new Frappuccino drinks after the disaster that was the Zombie Frappuccino (Spoilers – it was terrible). But when I heard that the Crystal Ball Frappuccino was peach flavored, I kind of had to try it.

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#Starbucks Crystal Ball Frappuccino

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It’s another Instagram worthy drink with pretty turquoise swirls and whipped cream topped with pretty colored rock candy. The “magic” in the Crystal Ball is supposed to come from the random color of the topping you receive – blue for adventure, green for luck, and purple for magic. Honestly, nothing too magical about it.

The drink is made with a vanilla creme Frappuccino base. Unfortunately, they didn’t bring back the peach syrup for this drink. Instead the peach flavor comes from peach juice blended into the drink and the peach infused whipped cream on top. To get the pretty turquoise marbling, the sides of the cup are drizzled with white chocolate and then topped with a blue powder.

The drink has a peaches and cream flavor with the peach flavor being surprisingly subtle. Unfortunately the main flavor of this drink is SUGAR. Yup, it’s super sweet. Especially when you get a mouthful of the rock candy topping. If you’re looking for less gimmick and more taste, ask them to skip on the rock candy and you should be good – maybe a pump less classic syrup as well…

The Crystal Ball Frappuccino will be available from 3/22 to 3/26 or while supplies last.


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