Starbucks Hopscotch 2018

This summer instead of Starbucks Bingo we have Starbucks Hopscotch. It’s almost the same as Bingo, but with a different layout. The objective is to complete missions along the path to get from one side to the other. Challenges can be completed in any order and completing challenges awards you bonus stars.

There are 12 challenges awarding 10 stars each. By clearing one side of the board you collect 160 bonus stars, clear the whole board for an additional 60 stars.

The challenges are as follows


Make a purchase on two weekend days (Saturday or Sunday).

Two for Yum

Pair any iced beverage with any bakery item after 2 p.m. on a weekday (Mon–Fri).

Coffee With Friends

Purchase three handcrafted beverages in a single order.

Coffee Ranger

Make a purchase at three different participating Starbucks® stores.

Great Morning

Buy any breakfast sandwich or Sous Vide Egg Bites.

All Day

Make a purchase before 12 p.m. and another after 12 p.m. in a single day.

On a Roll

Make a purchase two days in a row.

Lunch Break

Purchase any lunch item (salad, sandwich or protein box) after 11 a.m.

Early Riser

Make two purchases before 9 a.m. on separate weekdays (Mon–Fri).

Summertime Vibes

Purchase two iced drinks or Frappuccino®blended beverages, including Cold Foam Cascara Cold Brew.

Order on the Way

Make two purchases on separate days by ordering ahead through the Starbucks® app.

Monday Funday

Make a purchase on a Monday after 11 a.m.

Choose Your Ending

Either purchase 4 espresso beverages or make 4 qualifying purchases.

You’re given one freebie space to use on whichever challenge you choose. And one purchase may qualify for multiple challenges. If you’re already going to Starbucks it’s worth checking in and seeing if you’ve accidentally completed a challenge and if you’ve earned some free stars. And even if you’re not buying anything, using your freebie space to complete a challenge will still give you 10 free stars.

Cheers and happy sipping!

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