Weekly Wanderings 31

Hello lovelies!

I’ve had the lyrics of Yellowcard’s “Believe” stuck in my head all week

“Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Everything is going to be alright
Be strong, believe”

I’ve been trying to cook more often recently and I’ve been experimenting with new formats for sharing my cooking besides just pictures. Video editing is something I’ve always wanted to get around to learning, but we’ll see if it works out. Keep an eye out on my Instagram @bluejangmi for all my food photography adventures.

I’m currently trying to learn Biblical Hebrew using Master’s seminary Hebrew 503 course.  You can find a link to the free course online here if you’re interested. So far it’s really been a blessing and I realize the immense privilege I have to have access to so many resources to learn the things I’m interested in ❤

As I’ve been trying to diversify the kinds of vegetables I eat, I found this video on Escarole by America’s Test Kitchen really interesting!


I can’t believe it’s pretty much summer already and people are out of school. It’s definitely warming up now. And Starbucks has their summer promotion game out. If you want to learn more, check out the post I wrote on this year’s Starbuck’s Hopscotch.

I found this interesting recipe for Cream Cheese Ice Cream by Taste of Home and I’m eager to try it out if I ever get my ice cream machine up and running again.


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