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Starbucks Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino

Starbucks newest Frappuccino offering – the Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino – is making it’s debut just in time for hot summer months. As a fruitier, lighter, caffeine-free option it’s a great option for cooling down.

Starbucks describes the Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino on their website with the following description:

“Summer’s favorite berry stars in our newest Frappuccino® Blended Beverage. We blend up milk and ice with a strawberry-botanical infusion, then layer in splashes of strawberry puree and top it all with vanilla whipped cream.”

So the big question is, what is the difference between the Seriously Strawberry and the Strawberries and Creme Frappuccino?

The biggest difference is that the Seriously Strawberry is a layered drink while the Strawberries and Creme is a blended drink. Much like the Ultra Caramel Frappuccino, the Seriously Strawberry is made by layering first syrup then blended drink and whipped cream to make a visually interesting drink.  As a result, the Seriously Strawberry has a less consistent taste throughout, with a stronger strawberry taste on the bottom and at the top.


Additionally, the Seriously Strawberry has an infusion that the Strawberries and Creme doesn’t leading a little bit fruitier and fresher flavor.

But ultimately, it just comes down to preference. If you want a more fruit centered drink, go for the new Seriously Strawberry. But if you really just want a drink more consistent with strawberry ice cream, the Strawberries and creme is still the way to go.

Happy sipping!

4 thoughts on “Starbucks Seriously Strawberry Frappuccino

  1. Do you happen to know if they will substitute for any non-dairy options? I like the concept of the changing flavor with the layering idea.


    1. As far as I know, Starbucks doesn’t offer any non-dairy options for the whipped cream. You could probably ask for a vanilla soy Frappuccino and ask the barista to layer the strawberry sauce in for you for a similar taste.

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      1. Going without the whipped cream is totally fine for me, so I’ll be keen to try the soy frappe with the sauce layered. Thanks for the recommendation! Worth a try on my next trip.


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