Ibotta: Another Way to Make Money from Your Receipts

So a while ago I recommended some apps to start saving money on receipts, you can find that article here. Now I’m back recommending another app that I’ve been using since that time but never thought to write about. I introduce you to Ibotta.


Ibotta could be considered somewhere between a coupon and a receipt app. It rewards you for buying certain items from large chain retailers like Target, Costco, or CVS. Sometimes the coupon is for a specific brand and type of item. For example, the Schick Disposables Razor Pack below give you a dollar back when you purchase it from Target. You just add the coupon, purchase the item, scan the bar code, and take a photo of the receipt. And they add the cash to your account balance. 878868284.png

Ibotta also rewards you for uploading your receipt and for buying certain categories of items. In the picture above you can see a $0.20 offer for any grocery receipt from Target. It may not seem like a lot, but it does add up.  And they let you submit one receipt to qualify for this reward every week.


For the category rewards, it’s much the same procedure as with a branded item. You buy the item, scan it, and take a picture of the receipt. And with produce items you won’t even have to scan the item!

One of the best parts of Ibotta is the bonuses. You can earn bonus money by redeeming multiple purchases or meeting teamwork goals with the friends you’ve added on Ibotta. The teamwork aspect is really great. The money that you save gets totaled together towards a goal and you can get extra cash because your friends also used the app and saved.


One of the only drawbacks is point redemption. You have to have $20 worth of rewards in your account before you can redeem, and for some people that might take a long time especially if you only redeem the $0.20 receipt offer once a week.

I think this app is definitely worth a try. And if you’d like to help me out you can sign up through my affiliate link here : 

Happy shopping!


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