Weekly Wanderings 49: New Year Resolutions

Hello lovelies!

Honestly, I don’t really do new year resolutions. Instead I like to start projects throughout the year and track my progress based on the timeline I set for myself. But it is great to take a step back and just evaluate where we need to be and what we need to do for the coming year.

One of the things I want to work on this year is enjoying my food more. Whether that means eating more slowly or without distraction or even plating my food more carefully, I want to appreciate the things I eat. For awhile it’s felt like I’ve just been eating to eat. And that’s something I definitely want to change.

I’ve also been trying to post on my instagram more often! You can follow me on instagram under the handle bluejangmi !

This week I posted a short review of the Cinnamon Shortbread Latte from Starbucks which you can find here.

If you know me at all you know that I kind of hate baking. Like I’m not bad at it, but I always manage to cover myself and my whole kitchen in flour whenever I bake. Even so, I’m thinking of attempting this Japanese milk bread recipe from the New York Times. I know I’m not really saving much money and I could probably just buy bread from the store and be just as happy. But who doesn’t love fresh bread?

And while I’m at it, I might as well make these Lemon Gooey Butter Cookies from Wicked Good Kitchen!

I had Tteok Galbi for the first time at a Korean barbecue a little while ago and it was so tasty! Then I began to wonder if I could make it on my own. Beyond Kimchee has a recipe for this delicious hamburger look-alike!

Thanks so much for reading!

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