What Having Green Hair has Taught me

I think I’ve always secretly wanted to have weird colored hair. But for some reason I’ve always stuck to some variation of red and brown that would barely show up in my super dark hair. Recently, I took a risk and died my hair teal. The color turned out more green than teal because of the blonde balayage I had underneath. But I love my hair so much more now!

1. No one’s looking

I’ve lived my whole life pretty self-conscious. And I thought dying my hair such an outstanding color would make me stand out even more. I imagined people gossiping behind my back about my crazy colored hair and how much they hated it or thought it was unprofessional. On the first day back at work with my green hair I was so nervous someone would call me out. But no one said anything. Some people didn’t even notice until a week later. Some people still haven’t noticed. It made me realize that though I think everyone is looking at me, in reality 99% of the time people are really just too involved in their own stuff to care about me and my life. And honestly, I’m relieved. Realizing this has kind of taken off this pressure to be picture perfect all the time. And I find myself a lot more expressive than I used to be.

2. Weird hair colors are high maintenance

All blue and green hair dyes only come in semi-permanent color so they’re meant to wash out in 6-10 washes on average. So if you wash your hair daily, that color is going to fade very, very quickly. I went from washing my hair every other day to washing my hair every 3-4 days, which sounds like it’s less work, but no it’s definitely not less work. Dry shampoo is definitely your friend. And then there’s not using heat on your hair and washing it with cold water (not super fun in the winter). And depending on your hair dye, some dyes are more likely to leak color when wet. So it’s important to be extra careful with your white shirts and pillow cases.

3. It’s fun to dress up

I’ve always enjoyed dressing up. But there’s something about green hair that looks a little strange when you don’t wear makeup. It’s definitely encouraged me to dress up a little more and be more expressive in my clothing and accessories. As with all things, the novelty of it wears off after awhile, but it’s a very good motivating factor to put on just that little bit of eyeliner before I go out. And, having an unusual color let’s me be a little more playful with my makeup pallet as well. Instead of the usual nude and brown, I’ve been experimenting more with green and blue and purple. The little pop of color really does make a difference!

So if you’re on the fence about dying your hair I say go for it! You never know what you’re going to learn from it!

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