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Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Latte

Starbucks smoked butterscotch latte sounds so sexy. The Starbucks website describes this drink as “Notes of smoked butterscotch and a dash of spice intermingle with our full-bodied espresso, giving your morning latte a sophisticated new twist.” We’ve seen something similar to this drink before. Coffee Bean Tea Leaf offered a salted butterscotch latte last year (… Continue reading Starbucks Smoked Butterscotch Latte

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Starbucks Citrus Green Tea Latte

The holiday drinks have gone away. And new, light spring drinks are coming in. Starbucks is now offering the Citrus Green Tea Latte and the Smoked Butterscotch Latte. I have always loved the green tea Frappuccino and the matcha lattes that Starbucks offers. And I was really excited when Starbucks acquired Teavana and subsequently their… Continue reading Starbucks Citrus Green Tea Latte

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Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cookie Butter Latte

I was introduced to Speculoos Cookie Butter in college. I had never heard of Speculoos before and I thought that it was the brand of the cookie butter. But actually Speculoos is a kind of Belgian cookie that is crunchy, caramelized, and similar in taste to gingerbread. And Speculoos Cookie Butter is absolutely amazing. My… Continue reading Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Cookie Butter Latte


Drink of the Month: Green Tea Latte

The green tea latte, sometimes known as the matcha latte, is the perfect middle of the day pick-me-up. This simple combination of matcha powder, milk and sugar is subtly bitter sweet.  Because it’s made with matcha and not coffee, you’re more likely to be energized longer and less likely to caffeine crash. You won’t find this… Continue reading Drink of the Month: Green Tea Latte