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Coffee Bean Tea Leaf Thai Tea Latte

Thai tea is a secret indulgence of mine. When I was a little girl my dad would sneak me a few sips of Thai tea once in awhile on long car rides home and tell me that it was too strong for me to have a whole bottle. For those not familiar with Thai tea, it’s made with red tea and unlike the black tea we’re used to (eg. English Breakfast, Earl Gray). It has a stronger and more floral taste. And it definitely stains.

The drink itself is naturally a bright orange color and is normally sweetened with condensed milk to make it a rich, creamy, and refreshing afternoon drink. I like to pair it with pad Thai and let the tea cut through the greasiness of the noodles.

And I was really intrigued when I saw that Coffee Bean was offering the drink. So I took a leap and I tried.

Honestly, it’s kind of lackluster.

The tea taste is there but it’s not as refreshing as I expected. And it’s definitely not as sugary as its more authentic counterparts. I’m used to almost a quarter of the cup just being condensed milk. Recently though I’ve been cutting back on my sugar. And this drink still didn’t taste anywhere close to sweet. AND it still stains your teeth a little.

I think it was a fun drink to try. But I’m probably going to stick with the real deal.

Happy sipping!

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