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If we were having coffee…

They say you can tell a lot about a person from their Instagram. What they like. Who they hang out with. What’s really important to their life.

“Your Instagram is all pictures of food.”

It’s true. My profile flaunts picture after picture of food. Some pictures of my dog. The occasional scenery. No faces and no smiles to be found.

Honestly, it’s all business.

But I don’t think you know that.

If we were having coffee together, in some quiet shop somewhere, I would tell you that there’s so much more to me. The camera wouldn’t come out for a quick snap of latte art. I would look you in the eye and smile.

Do you know that I sing in the rain, while I walk my dog, in the grocery store, pretty much everywhere? That I make paper flowers in my spare time and felt little key chains until my fingers are numb. I’ve missed the feeling of paint and canvas but can’t afford the supplies anymore.

No you didn’t. You couldn’t. Not through the lens of a camera.

Did you know I’ve been living life as if I were terminal for years and years and now I can’t stop, that I have the hardest time committing because I’m so aware I could be gone tomorrow?

I make stories up about people I see on the street. A hundred back stories to a hundred random faces. I laugh too hard at things that aren’t funny. I cry during commercials on TV. I over-analyze everything from Disney movies to the news.

You wouldn’t know any of that, not from behind a screen. Even if you saw my face you wouldn’t know. You wouldn’t see it unless you were looking.

So let’s have coffee.

One thought on “If we were having coffee…

  1. I fast forward on commercials. I used to paint beautiful pictures with oil paint. They are all on my walls. I would love to paint again but I don’t. I hate the winter. I like to travel to different places in the summer. I knit sometimes, I have a hat waiting to be finished. I just finished a hat for my husband. I love coffee but only one cup a day.


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