Starbucks Mango Cream Frappuccino and Changes to the Rewards System

Starbucks is offering the Mango Black Tea again in its stores ( I did a review of that drink which you can find here ).  But even better, that means that Starbucks offers mango syrup. This opens up a huge variety of new custom drinks, one of my favorites is the Mango Cream Frappuccino.

It’s refreshingly fruity and still creamy. And it’s not on the menu. If you ask your barista for a Mango Cream Frappuccino they will more than likely stare at you blankly. But it’s really simple to order.

It’s a vanilla bean frappuccino with three pumps of mango syrup. You can further customize the drink if you want. I personally like it with one less scoop of vanilla powder and non-fat milk because it leaves less of an aftertaste in your mouth. The mango taste is refreshing and not overpowering. It’s a good drink for a hot day or an after work refresher.

Now a few words about the changes to the Starbucks Rewards Program. The new program will officially begin tomorrow April 12. The most notable change will be how stars are earned. Instead of 1 star per purchase, in the new program, you will earn 2 stars per $1 that you spend. For members that consistently purchase espresso drinks, frappuccinos, and food items, the will earn stars at a faster rate than they currently do. And for members that go in to Starbucks for their daily cup of black coffee or tea, they will definitely lose out in the new program.

Additionally, it will take 125 stars to earn a free drink as compared to the 12 stars it currently takes. If we do the math:

12* 5= $60

125/2 = $62.5

So assuming that the average person spends $5 every time they go into Starbucks they won’t be spending too much more for a free drink with the same amount of visits. However, if you find that you are one of the people who spend less than $5 it will take you a little longer to get to your free drink. To compensate for this, Starbucks will be offering their Gold level members double star days each month. And even if you’re only a green member you’ll still receive promotions and star dashes by email.

One of the other big changes is how you get to gold. Before it took you 30 visits to get to that coveted gold card. Now it will take 300 stars to get to Gold level. When you do the math

300/2 = $150

30 *5= $150

it’s essentially the same amount. But once again, that’s only if you spend $5 every time you visit. For me it would be much harder to get to Gold if I had to reset. Let’s say I spend an average of $3.00 per visit. It would take me 50 visits to get to Gold versus the $30 before and aside from star dashes it would be difficult to get around spending the full $150 to get membership.

However, for the month of April, Starbucks is offering a free upgrade to Gold Status with any beverage purchase. You just have to go online and register.

Most other benefits should stay the same. You’ll still get free refills and birthday drinks. The program will most likely change in coming months but hopefully it will be in favor of the customers.

Happy sipping!


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