Weekly Wanderings 5

I think I should start calling this the every other week wanderings. Sorry my life just doesn’t seem exciting enough to fill out every week. I’m sure things will pick up into the Holidays or whenever I decide to get my life together. Anyways, November is here, meaning it’s National Novel Writing Month again. And I am way way behind.  Like 20,000 words behind.

Fall is in full swing and I decided to take advantage of it by going apple picking with my friends for the first time. We went to Riley’s Farm over in Yucaipa (link to their website here ). The air was really fresh and the views were amazing! It felt like going on a mini retreat. A fair number of employees on the farm dress as colonialists and pretend like they’re living in the 1700s. They have baked goods and an old fashioned tavern as well. We did pick apples but not a lot. To be honest at $3.25/lb, fresh picked apples aren’t that worth it. But I did feel like the long drive up was worth spending the time with my friends! Besides, the farm is ridiculously photogenic.20161112_090823.jpg

This week I’m actually in Singapore. I’m really excited to see friends and family and have lots of new experiences. Singapore feels like a second home to me because most of my family lives out here and I visit all the time. It’s kind of jarring sometimes. Like I was on the bus yesterday trying to fight off the jet lag when I realized that I’d just been on a plane for 16 hours so that I could be on a bus going to the mall like all the regular people that live here. Maybe it’s the jet lag but I do feel strangely philosophical.

Anyways I’m going to keep this blog short. I’m heading out to go hiking in Pulau Ubin, a small island off the North Eastern coast of Singapore which serves as a nature preserve. I hope I see some Mouse Deer and other wildlife. And I’m pretty excited because I’ve never been out there before.

Thank you for reading!


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