Lamb Tongue Tacos – Instant Pot Recipe

Lamb Lengua

I’ve always loved odd cuts of meat. And lengua (otherwise known as tongue) is my favorite. It’s an amazingly tender and pretty affordable cut. In this case I used lamb tongues which were on sale after Easter.

Full disclosure, I’d never cooked lambs tongues before I wrote this recipe. I just assumed that it would be similar to beef tongue. And it’s honestly not too different. You could just as easily substitute beef tongue into this recipe if you wanted to.

I had a terrible craving for lengua tacos but I didn’t want to drive two cities over to my usual authentic taco place. And when I received a stack of free tortillas leftover from lunch at my church, I made the decision to attempt to make them on my own. This recipe is primarily to instruct on how to prepare the meat – hence why there is no salsa. But when you’re done, go ahead and load up on your favorite condiments to your hearts desire. Onions and cilantro are just an example of what you could use to make your tacos delicious to your taste.

2 lb lamb tongues

2 small carrots or 1 large roughly chopped

1/2 onion sliced (You can use the other half diced as condiments if you want)

2 cloves of garlic

1 quart chicken stock

2 bay leaves

1 tsp rosemary

corn or flour tortillas

  1. Cover the bottom of the pot with carrots, onion, and garlic. Place the lamb tongues on top and cover with chicken stock.
  2. Add bay leaves and rosemary
  3. Place the lid on top and make sure that the lid is not on venting.
  4. Use the meat/stew function and set it for 60 minutes.20170416_183029.jpg
  5. When decompressed, carefully remove the tongue to a cutting board. Retain the soup in the pot. You will use a little later in the recipe. But you can also use the rest of the stock for a different recipe. I used the rest of mine for risotto later in the week.
  6. Peel the outer membrane of the tongue off and discard it.
  7. Cut the remaining lamb tongue into 1/2 inch pieces.20170416_200957.jpg
  8. Put oil/lard in pan and heat until warm. In my case I used ghee (clarified butter).
  9. Add the lamb and brown it slightly.
  10. Add a scoop of the leftover stock from cooking into the pan. Turn heat to low and cook until the stock has boiled away, stirring the meat occasionally so that it doesn’t stick to the pan.
  11. Serve meat on corn tortillas with diced onions and cilantro and any other taco toppings.

One thought on “Lamb Tongue Tacos – Instant Pot Recipe

  1. I made these recently. They were so delicious! Best taco I have ever made. The meat is so rich that not much is needed in each taco. I did not use rosemary because I do not associate that herb with Mexican food. But otherwise this recipe is a keeper. Thanks.


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