Weekly Wanderings 11

Hello lovelies!

It’s been a good cooking week for me. I feel like I’m in one of those rare, magical moments when everything I’m cooking actually turns out delicious. Or maybe I’ve just had a good week.

This week I stayed relatively safe with my home-cooking – chicken porridge, sauteed spinach and mushrooms in white wine, a risotto with leek and mushrooms. I had never cooked with leek before though and I was surprised to find that I really like it! Though considering how much I love onions, shallots, and garlic it really shouldn’t be surprising.

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Mushroom and leek risotto #homemade #cookinginprogress

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Recently, I’ve been trying to cook more and to incorporate more fresh herbs into my diet. Not only do I have a garden overgrowing with mint and a rosemary plant that badly needs harvesting, but it’s spring! Now is a great time for fresh herbs and vegetables. And herbs are an important but consistently overlooked part of a balanced and healthy diet. Though very honestly, cooking with herbs and spices has always been scary for me. I tend to eat my food on the bland side and I don’t often feel the need to add more flavor. But  I’ve been reaching for the bay leaves, rosemary, and white wine a little more often as the weather has been warming up. Something about it makes me want to leave Asian soups, stews, and porridge behind for awhile and take up my French and Italian cooking again.

This recipe for sauteed yam from Just One Cookbook is so interesting. I like yams but I’ve never seen a recipe like this.

These buttermilk pull apart rolls from Budget Bytes, look so delicious.

Have a great week!




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