Weekly Wanderings 12: Self Care

Hello Lovelies!

Another busy cooking week for me as I’m trying to eat in more often. I braised a whole lamb shoulder and made a huge batch of risotto this week. I’m definitely on a French/ Italian kick. Though I celebrated Cinco de Mayo by carving up a fifteen pound watermelon and making Watermelon Agua Fresca for a work party.

Frappuccino happy hour started yesterday but I’m trying hard not to kiss all the work I’ve done at the gym goodbye. Though the new Midnight Mint Mocha Frappuccino is pretty tasty ( see my review here ), I think I’ll spend this weekend running around a little more. Especially since Pokemon Go (yes I still play) is having a grass event this weekend.

I’ve been replaying this music video of Nate Ruess’s song “Nothing Without Love”

and then ultra loving this song by Panic! At the Disco – “Death of a Bachelor”. Brendon Urie can really sing and Panic! was a favorite band of mine in middle school and high school.

Sorry for the shorter post this week. I haven’t been having the greatest time managing my mental health the last couple of days and I’m definitely due for some self care this weekend. I know self care seems like a trendy thing that’s going around and a lot of people use the term to mean “treat yourself” but it’s a practice that really just means taking care of yourself however you need it. For me, I’m still trying to find ways to self care that are actually effective and not just indulgent. Yes, I could eat a whole tub of ice cream, watch a Korean drama, and then play video games until I pass out – but that’s not really taking care of myself.  I’m especially trying to work on reaching out to people when I need help. It’s one of those odd things where I don’t mind going out of my way for others, but bothering others with my life absolutely mortifies me.

If you have any good self-care tips please leave them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!


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