Starbucks Pink Ombré Drink

I first heard of the Pink Ombré Drink from Starbucks Melody.  You can see her article on it here .

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New Pink Ombre drink coming soon! #Starbucks #pinkdrink

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The first thing you notice about the Pink Ombré drink is that it’s definitely Instagram worthy. The bright pink color definitely stands out. And it’s very reminiscent of a macchiato. Personally, it reminds me of bandung – a drink from Malaysia which is comprised of rose syrup and milk.

To order this drink

  • A cool lime refresher
    • no water
      • substitute coconut milk ( note that coconut milk is an extra charge)
    • add a splash of iced passion tea at the top at the end

This works for all sizes.

It’s super refreshing and perfect for a hot day. It has a distinctly tropical flavor because of the lime and coconut. And the passion tea adds a different dimension to the drink bringing in notes of rosehip and hibiscus. It’s a little sweet and a little sour and I think the coconut milk makes it perfect.

It’s supposed to release in stores on May 31, 2017. So keep an eye out for this drink!

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