Weekly Wanderings 24

Hello lovelies!

I’m counting down the days until my Disney World trip and I’m really starting to get hyped for it. I’ll be visiting Disney World for about a week for Epcot’s 2017 Food and Wine Festival. I’ve been watching a ton of Youtube videos and reading articles about all the Disney World tips and tricks. I live in Southern California so I’ve spent a lot of time in Disneyland but have never visited Disney World before. In fact, this will be my first ever trip to the East Coast.

While I was researching Disney World tips I found Michael Kay’s channel. It’s filled with great tips and reviews and I found his videos both super helpful and entertaining. He has a great energy and uploads really frequently!

Another great resource I found was the Disney Food Blog! They do great articles on all things Disney Food related and their YouTube videos are great as well. I’ve been using them to do a lot of my research for Food and Wine Festival.

On an unrelated note, I’ve been really enjoying my Imperfect Produce box. I haven’t had as much of a chance to cook this week. But I’m excited to cook up all my delicious veggies sometime soon!

Thanks for reading!

Have a good week!

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