Weekly Wanderings 28

Hello lovelies!

So you know when you get busy and you start re-prioritizing and you start dropping things and months later you look around and go “hmm there was a thing I used to do that I’m not doing anymore but should be…”

Yeah… Hello!

The cold and the flu are amazing – amazing in their ability to throw your life into absolute chaos. And I caught both the cold and the flu this Winter. But it’s Spring now and I have absolutely no excuse.

So a funny story about this recipe I found. I was browsing around on the news feed curated for me by my new Google Assistant (who I’m now overly dependent on btw) and I clicked on this interesting looking recipe out of pure curiosity. I got halfway through it and thought, that sounds delicious I’ll look at it again later. And I closed out of the window. Of course when I went back to find it, the link was gone. And I then proceeded to scour the internet to find this recipe based on my vague remembering of the ingredients and title card. And I FOUND IT! So after all that, I definitely recommend you check it out for yourself! It involves cheese, curry, and Macau style fried rice.

In other surprising fusions that work amazingly well…

I love this cover of Unravel from Tokyo Ghoul originally by Toru Kitajima. Something about this cover just changes and elevates this song. And I love it so much!

Anyways, I’m hoping to return to regular posting soon.

Thanks for reading! ❤


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