Weekly Wanderings 37

Hello lovelies,

I’m feeling much much better this week. But still not quite back on schedule as of yet.

I’m not a huge fan of pancakes, they often just feel dense and sugary and I’d rather have something else to start my day. But these Matcha Souffle Pancakes from Just One Cookbook look absolutely amazing! Soft and fluffy with that slightly bitter slightly sweet green tea flavor, I’m so tempted to make these on a lazy Saturday morning.

And I also stumbled upon this fun recipe to turn pineapple cores into syrup. I can imagine making some really delicious piña coladas or using it to make pineapple bread.

This recipe for Lemon Ricotta Ravioli with Mint Butter by Wish to Dish also sounds amazingly refreshing for a hot summers day.

Crab Louie salad sounds great too…

How did I not know this existed until now? It’s so good!

Anyways, have a good week and stay cool!

Happy reading!


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