Starbucks Summer Game Boardwalk


People are going back to school but according to Starbucks the summer isn’t over yet! This year’s Starbucks Summer Game has started and will be going on through September 10, 2018.

Starbucks boardwalk

Every year Starbucks runs a summer promotion and this year the theme is boardwalk.

It’s a fairly straightforward game. You get up to three chances to play per day, in each play you spin a wheel which dictates how many spaces you get to move on the board. Depending on what space you land on, you may get a cute animation, a virtual sticker, an instant win prize, or a mini-game. If you collect three of the same ticket from the mini-game you can win free drinks for up to 10 years.

To earn plays you can either make a purchase at any participating Starbucks locations on your Starbucks rewards card. A purchase before 2PM will get you 1 entry, and any purchase at 2PM or after will get you 2 entries. Or, my preferred option, if you scroll down on the main page after you login you will find a link to a form you can fill out for up to three free entries a day.

Starbucks free daily

If you drink Starbucks at all, it’s really worth a shot to get at least some free stars. So far, I’ve won 35 stars which is the equivalent of having bought $17.5 worth of drinks. Which is really not bad for not having spent anything.

Happy sipping!

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