Weekly Wanderings 39: Crazy Rich Asians!

Hello lovelies!

I can’t believe there’s only one more week of August. My days have been really busy but oh so very full. As a side effect, time just passes by too quickly…

When I found out that Crazy Rich Asians was going to be set in Singapore I was both excited and kind of nervous. There was definitely a lot of potential to represent Singapore poorly – looking at you Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.  And Crazy Rich Asians did not disappoint! I’m not going to spoil anything from the movie, but I want to say that though most of the actors are not native Singaporeans at all the movie did a good job at representing the diversity and beauty of Singapore. Within minutes of the movie starting I began to get homesick. The food was so familiar and I knew where most of the scenes took place having been there myself. And I’m glad they didn’t go film in Malaysia or America and call it Singapore. I mean ultimately it was a rom com that just happened to take place in Singapore and by no means was a showcase of Singaporean culture, but I thought that this was definitely a start.

Every scene of the movie was beautiful with vivid colors and a great soundtrack. I especially loved that a lot of the music was in mandarin and I liked that it wasn’t over-translated for an essentially foreign audience. I highly recommend you watch it for yourself!

“The person most likely to lie to you, is you.”

That feels so true.  I normally think of myself as a pretty self-aware person, but really we all have blind spots. I found this video by Charisma on Command to be really helpful and informative, especially the three exercises he gives to become more self aware.


Have a great week!


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