Weekly Wanderings 40 : Reorganizing my Kitchen

Hello Lovelies!

Recently, I went through my pantry for maybe the second time since I’ve moved into my current place. Since I’m currently in the process of moving out I thought it wouldn’t be bad to start on the kitchen items early. I was absolutely horrified to realize that I had quite a few expired items that weren’t even opened. Now, I’m not squeamish about eating food that is a little past its best by date, but I found a bottle of ranch that expired in 2014. It felt like a mini-coaster of emotions -disgust, horror, shame, resignation. I finally (reluctantly) threw away my expired food and started packing up some of my less used kitchen gear like mortar and pestle, my food processor, and bento-making accessories. At least I won’t have to repeat this process for a little while!

I love Honey Walnut Shrimp! It’s sweet and succulent and seafood all at once. Cooking With a Wallflower recently posted her own recipe for this amazing dish. You can find a link to that here.

I’m not going to lie, the headline for this article from the Kitchn sold me: 10 Creamy Chicken Dinners to Make ASAP . Most of these recipes are cheap and easy to make, great ideas for an easy weeknight dinner.

Also, the Miso Butter Salmon recipe from Just One Cookbook looks amazing!



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