Weekly Wanderings 41: Moving

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the hiatus, I’ve been running around frantically trying to pack and get things done as I’ve been moving houses. It’s been a great experience! And I’m super excited to be out on my own. But I have been running around trying to organize my life and all the things in it.

As everything has been coming together, I’m super excited to start hosting more at my place and cooking more for my friends. Thinking about housewarming parties, this recipe for Monkey Bread Brie Fondue by Tasty seems perfect.

This Butter Mochi Cake recipe from Cooking with a Wallflower also seems seriously tasty. And I’m also excited for this Matcha Green Tea Croissant French Toast recipe too!

I was arranging my spice rack today and I found these awesome magnetic containers for spices. They come in a pack of twelve along with a bunch of clear label stickers, chalkboard label stickers, and a magnetic conversion chart! So far it’s been great for organizing my spices moving them out of my spice cabinet and onto the side of my fridge. The magnets aren’t quite as strong as I might like, but they don’t fall down unless you accidentally knock into them. I really like being able to see all the spices I have and be able to tell at a glance how much I have. I hope it will encourage me to cook with spices more often.

I super love this cover of “Never Too Late” by Jonathan Young. I really liked this song when I was younger, but I think I like this cover even more.

Have a great week!



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