Zombie Frappuccino

I know I said no more Starbucks drinks… but it’s Halloween!


The whole idea of zombies is the idea that rampant, mindless consumerism destroys culture and society. So of course Starbucks had to make a Zombie Frappuccino for its promotional Halloween drink.

Last year, they created the Frappula Frappuccino, see review here . And this year, following the “success” of the Unicorn Frappuccino , Starbucks released the green and pink colored monster that is the Zombie .

Available only from October 26, 2017  to October 31, 2017 , the Zombie Frappuccino is a creme-based Frappuccino with caramel apple flavored powder and a pink mocha whipped creme. The sides of the cup are also covered in a Zombie Mocha Drizzle which consists of mocha sauce and pink powder.

I can definitely say that this drink tastes like Halloween. The primary taste is sweet but fruity as you definitely taste the caramel apple powder. But I think the mocha flavoring is confusing, as if you had a caramel apple pop and then immediately ate a tootsie roll. It’s sweet then sour then has a chocolate after taste. My taste buds can’t decide if I love or hate it. Maybe I’m just getting too old for Halloween tricks and treats.


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